Facebook and Twitter also promote their presence at CES 2020

CES 2020 kicks off in Las Vegas on January 7, US time. The event, often referred to as the world's largest consumer electronics show, will not only showcase cutting-edge laptops, TVs and gadgets, but will also be a place for Facebook and Twitter to showcase their presence.

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Social media companies have not been so big at CES. However, as the situation has changed in the last few years, businesses are expanding into fields other than social networks, and that situation is changing. Facebook owns Oculus, a developer of virtual reality [VR] headsets, and continues to expand its line of Portal video chat terminals. Twitter is partnering with sports leagues and entertainment companies to increase conversation in live events to increase its media presence.

CES is also an opportunity for social networking companies to meet brands and clients and discuss the potential of new partnerships casually. Because CES is a large-scale live event, it's likely that companies will use social networks to promote their latest products in real time.

The following introduces the schedule of social media companies at CES 2020.

Facebook defends itself

Faced with various scandals, including the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook needs to fully explain user privacy.

On January 7, Erin Eagan, Facebook's Chief Privacy Officer, and Jane Horvath, Apple's Senior Director of Global Privacy, added "Chief Privacy Officer Roundtable: What Do Consumers Want?" Roundtable: What do consumers want?]. FTC Rebecca Slaughter and Procter & Gamble's global privacy officer, Susan Shook, will also attend.

From Facebook, Carolyn Everson, Vice President of Global Marketing, David Fischer, Vice President of Business and Marketing Partnerships, Antonio Lucio, Chief Marketing Officer, Khaliah Barnes, Privacy and Public Policy Manager, and other debates I plan to join.

Facebook has announced that it plans to demonstrate Oculus, a VR headset, and Portal, a video chat terminal. Expectations for VR have faded in recent years. Consumers don't want to buy expensive headsets with cumbersome cables. But Oculus is reducing the price of its VR headset, making it easier to use without a high-end PC.

Portal lineup

Portal lineup
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The company will also have a private booth at Wynn Las Vegas [hotel] to meet with clients and partners. In the past, Facebook has set up a similar private temporary venue so that visitors can learn more about the company's privacy tools and advertising settings.

Facebook is working with partners such as Lyft and Spotify to launch a new cryptocurrency, Libra, in 2020. This is one of the topics covered at CES. The Libra Association, which operates the cryptocurrency, has 21 members, including Facebook. Some key founding partners, such as Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal, have left the association after rigorous regulatory oversight and questions about its viability.

Dante Disparte, Vice Chairman of Libra Association and Head of Policy and Communications, will talk about cryptocurrencies in a talk on January 7 titled "The Libra Effect."

Twitter Partnership

Twitter does not offer consumer devices, but in 2019 it was more active than ever to transform its social media site and promote live events.

At CES 2020, Twitter executives will talk about content partnerships, working with marketers, and changes to the company's social network.

Twitter announced at the CES 2019 that some of the 20 UBA professional basketball NBA games will be broadcast live. The camera follows one player selected by a Twitter user's vote. A similar announcement is expected in 2020. Laura Froelich, head of Twitter's US Content Partnership, will be speaking on January 9 under the title "The future of streaming sports."

As before, Twitter will provide a place to talk to brands and clients at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas [hotel].

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Like Facebook, Twitter will meet brands and clients at CES
Provided by: Graphic by Pixabay / Illustration by CNET

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