Facebook announces new VR headset "Oculus Quest 2"-significant enhancement, from 37,100 yen

The rumor was true. The new virtual reality [VR] headset "Oculus Quest 2" that surpasses the performance of the first generation will really be released. Moreover, the price has been reduced. Facebook has begun to take the product seriously and seems to want everyone to experience VR. Oculus Quest 2$ 299 [37,100 yen in Japan]So, it is scheduled to be shipped on October 13. It has the potential to become a device that pushes VR into the mainstream. Arguably the most appealing device I used in 2019 was “Oculus Quest". This VR headset seemed like a compact, cable-free, affordable package of PC and mobile VR. Even in 2020, Quest will continue to be my portable holodeck [a device that creates a realistic virtual space in the sci-fi drama Star Trek series], my own little magical exercise room, and a place to escape from reality. It has become. I didn't expect the next model to be announced a year later with improved functionality and lower prices.

Courtesy: Scott Stein / CNET

Quest [black] and Quest 2 [white] Courtesy: Scott Stein / CNET

Facebook is now a new, fast and VR-optimized "Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2Introducing a processor and a higher resolution display, Quest has been significantly updated. The price is $ 299 [37,100 yen in Japan], which is $ 100 lower than the previous version. In 2020, the year of living at home and communicating remotely to avoid being infected with the new coronavirus, Facebook is trying to get as many people as possible to use VR as soon as possible. It seems.

Quest 2 will be the successor to the original Quest, but it seems that it will eventually replace Facebook's headset for PCs. Existing product "Oculus Rift SWill be discontinued in the spring of 2021, making this compact Quest 2 headset potentially Facebook's only VR product. Quest 2 can be used by connecting to a PC or standalone. Equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor, it can run more advanced software.

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