Facebook, deep fake detection contest “DFDC” start–supported by Microsoft and AWS

Facebook will launch a deep fake detection challenge “Deepfake Detection Challenge” in SeptemberAnnouncementdid. Multiple universities,Amazon Web Services [AWS]Microsoft supports this effort.

Deep fake

Provided by Facebook

Facebook says it will contribute a total of more than $ 10 million in grants and prize money for research that will lead to the development of a system that detects deep fake generated by artificial intelligence [AI].

Facebook is AI related conference“Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems” [NeurIPS] announces the opening of DFDC. The company will provide participants with access to a unique dataset of over 100,000 videos created to support research on deep fake.

In September, Google also created 3000 new deep fake video datasets created by paying actorsReleasedoing. It was supposed to be useful for improving detection technology. In October, AWS paid up to $ 1 million worth of AWS credits.Support DFDCAnnounced.

Politicians are concerned that deep fake videos and audio can lead to conflicts between various groups. We are particularly concerned that such a situation can occur in democratic processes such as the US presidential election in 2020 and even in small-scale elections held around the world.

】 Facebook AI research manager leading the projectCristian Canton Ferrer said:. “The ability to reliably detect deep fake using state-of-the-art research depends on the availability of a large, near-real, useful data set. I had to create it. ''

“The datasets created in this way consist of more than 100,000 videos in which actors are paid and appear in realistic scenarios, each labeled with an indication of whether or not they were manipulated with AI.” [ Ferrer]

«Kaggle, Google ’s data science and machine learning community, has signed a contract to host the DFDC scoreboard and the contest itself. The contest will last until the end of March 2020.

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleEdited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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