Facebook ends hobby project app "Hobbi" and TikTok-like "Lasso"

Facebook will stop providing two apps, "Hobbi" and "Lasso". Users are reportedly notified that the apps will end on July 10th.

Hobbi website

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Developed by Facebook's New Product Experimentation [NPE] team, Hobbi is similar to "Pinterest" in February for organizing and storing photos of personal projects such as cooking, pottery, gardening, and arts & crafts. As an app for "iOS"Was released.. You can even create project videos from those photos and share them with family and friends.

The company has confirmed that the NPE team will end this hobby-specific app.

A spokeswoman for the company said on the 1st, "Many of NPE's products will start on a small scale." I want to learn from such experiments so that I can do it."

Lasso was released in November 2018, Before the NPE team was launched in 2019. The app lets you create short 15-second videos and share them with friends. It also includes a video editing tool that lets you add music and text to your videos, just like the social app TikTok. Facebook has since added a similar short video feature to Instagram called "Reels."

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