"Facebook should comply with government data collection restrictions," the German Supreme Court ruled

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"Facebook should comply with government data collection restrictions," the German Supreme Court ruled

Local time on June 23, 2020, the German Federal Court (equivalent to the Supreme Court) found that Facebook abused its monopoly on the market and collected user data without consent, “imposed by the German Cartel Agency. You must comply with the data collection restrictions that have been imposed."

German legal ruling deals Facebook blow in data use

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For Facebook, the company has collected data from pages other than Facebook and tied that data to user accounts. The German federal cartel agency has questioned Facebook's data collection as “abusing the dominant position in the social network market'' and in February 2019 told Facebook “to tie the collected data to the user account, It should be allowed only with the user's voluntary consent,'' and is required to stop data collection and the process of linking the data collected without the user's consent with the user account within a few months. It was

German Federal Cartel Agency announces to Facebook that it has banned the integration of user data from diverse sources: Fair Trade Commission

However, Facebook dissatisfied with this and started a trial seeking removal of restrictions and withdrawal of suspension. The lower court ruled that the provisional injunction will be suspended until the result of a lawsuit concerning the removal of restrictions is reached, but the German Federal Court rejected the preliminary injunction in support of the German Federal Cartel Agency's view. Then, he again decided that "Facebook should be subject to suspension." The lawsuit on the removal of the restriction is still in progress, but Facebook needed to comply with the suspension under this restriction.

The Federal Court of Justice Peter Meyerbeck, who has tried this case, said that "it is illegal not to give the user the right to limit the data collection", and the German federal cartel agency "Users collect data I have only been given the option to agree with." “The dominant network, Facebook, has a special responsibility to maintain competition in the social network market,” Judge Meyerbeck explains. “The economic value of data about users must also be taken into account.” I am.

Andreas Mant, Secretary-General of the German Federal Cartel Agency, welcomed the ruling, saying: "If data is collected and used illegally, antitrust interventions will be allowed to prevent abuse of market power. Should be done."

Facebook emphasized, "This decision is about suspension only, and there is no decision on the limit itself", and commented that the German Federal Cartel Agency will continue to file complaints against the limit. The company explains to its users, "We are not abusing positions that violate antitrust laws." "There will be no immediate changes to products and services in Germany."

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