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Facebook Zuckerberg CEO criticizes Apple as "inhibiting innovation and competition"-Engadget


Facebook's Zuckerberg, who has various feuds with Apple, has reportedly criticized Apple's App Store as exclusive and harmful to its customers during an internal plenary session.

According to BuzzFeed News, Zuckerberg said in a web conference for more than 50,000 employees, Apple said it would "stanglehold its own life as a gatekeeper of what can be put in a mobile phone [iPhone]." I'm holding it."

In addition, the company's App Store "blocks innovation and hampers competition," "Apple can claim exclusive rent," and said the innovation "can really improve people's lives." I'm stuck in it."

This statementI was forced to delete the game from the iOS "Facebook Gaming" applicationIn the context of answering questions about things. In addition, Mr. ZuckerbergWarned that iOS 14 features could reduce advertising revenue for app developers [including their own]I'm repeating things.

Lastly, Zuckerberg commented that Apple's decision was "very aggressive" and "very problematic" about Apple's attempt to suspend all Epic developer accounts including Unreal Engine. doing. By the way, after making this statement, FacebookThe video is published..

Just before this statement, Facebook will take 30% of the purchase price with a new function that can hold paid online events with the official iOS version appAnnounced that the "transparency notice" to inform users was rejected.. This is due to Facebook's request to reduce App Store fees for SMEs suffering from the new Corona Eruption,After being rejectedIt has been applied for again.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg and Apple CEO Tim CookConflict over the years over the treatment of privacyBoth companies have their own interests in the background, and neither company's claims can be swallowed. Also, it should be noted that this time's remarks are limited to Unreal Engine related, although it seems to be synchronized with Epic side, and Fortnite deletion is not mentioned.

EpicThere were also rumors that it was calling for a corporate alliance criticizing Apple.However, if multiple companies collaborate to develop an anti-App Store movement, it may cause an antitrust violation. Epic, who dared to violate the App Store guidelines, may carry the risk of reducing the profit of iOS version Fort Knight, which was a dollar box, so other companies are accusing Apple, but it is not expected to go directly Seems high.

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