Facebook's Oculus VR changes privacy policy to "use VR device data for advertising"

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Facebook's Oculus VR changes privacy policy to "use VR device data for advertising"

VR (virtual reality) development company under FacebookOculus VRAnnounced changes to its privacy policy when logging into Oculus with a Facebook account. If you link your Facebook account and Oculus account,Oculus data is used for advertising"Is clear.

Introducing New Features From Facebook to Help People Connect in VR and an Update to Our Privacy Policy | Oculus

Facebook wants to use your Oculus data for ads because of course it does

To enjoy VR content on VR devices such as Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S, you will need to log in with an Oculus dedicated account or Facebook account.

Oculus VR announced privacy policy changes on December 11, 2019. "If you choose to log in with your Facebook account, Facebook will use your Oculus account information and information about your use of Oculus products to provide Facebook Company Products, such as customizing ads displayed on Facebook Company Products, We will customize and improve. "

Oculus VR is a FAQ, and the usage data of Oculus is used for advertisements, "To build a more consistent experience and make it easier for users to find the VR community", providing advertisements for personalized VR applications It is for the purpose.

Also. Since it is possible to bring the connection of Facebook to Oculus as it is, multiplayer with Oculus and sharing of images and videos will be easier, and game play on VR can also be delivered directly to Facebook via live streaming I am appealing.

Technical media The Next Web said that this privacy policy changeLady Player 1“ Facebook's social VR service that was inspired by the original novel of “Facebook HorizonI guess it ’s preparatory work to get started.

Facebook announces VR world “ Facebook Horizon '' that allows users to play freely in the world created by users themselves-gigazine

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