Fairy Japan skin check "become a beautiful group"

A “gold medal” even for beautiful skin. Japan's representative rhythmic gymnastics group "Fairy Japan" has started its first practice in the new year in Tokyo. After the practice, the skin was checked by the staff of the sponsor, POLA.

Using a special camera, the skin condition can be examined in detail up to the subcutaneous tissue, and a mechanism that can propose 8.62 million ways of skin care. Noshitani Sakura [22 = Nitai Women's University] I was able to get results on the spot using my technology, and gave me immediate feedback. It was very thankful and easy to understand. " He also provided consultations on the spot and gave advice on how to prevent acne.

Competition competes for beauty in addition to technology. POLA also made makeup for the game and regularly checked the skin. “ I think not only rhythmic gymnastics movements and practice, but also routine skin care, make-up, grooming, and performing beautifully will always lead to the beauty of acting. I think that it will lead to not wasting one second for a moment, so I want to be conscious of the whole team and become a beautiful group. "

Last fall, the world championship won three medals, including silver for the first time in 44 years, and a gold medal is expected at the Tokyo Olympics. Pursue "beauty" and prepare for battle.

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