Family and member support of the store”Urban・famima!!”, Toranomon options

The convenience store giant Family Mart and select shop run by urban services on 12 November,in Tokyo and a collaboration store to open. Opening the first,10 days for mass communication open house was held.

【Here】Family, and Nagoya stores in integrated nursery in the city and of the partnership agreement 1st

Collaboration store redevelopment progresses Toranomon Hills, located in the area”work”and”life”the two sides to enhance this concept has become. Hours are”family Christmas‼ Area”7 when~23 time, the”urban service area”10 when ~ 21 when.

New opening of”Urban Family Christmas‼ Toranomon Hills Business Tower shop”. “Toranomon Hills Business Tower”located on the 2nd floor open. The new store is”sustainability”is a keyword, and the urban worker to be the main target with the new lifestyle suggestions that are aimed at.

Consumers ‘eyes in store and city planning involved in the”Life Style Research Institute”is a professional and in-store fixtures, such as environmentally friendly material was used. The entire store is 70% of the sustainability elements has been that.

Approximately 580 square meters of the shop, out of 316 square meters of the family, the 264 square meter is a member of the partition.

Family Christmas‼ Area,working hours to support the”WORK TIME SUPPORT”in concept,”food facilities”and”convenience”improve”breathing time”,”souvenir”with an emphasis on sales location is performed.

On the other hand, the”PERSONAL LIFE SUPPORT”concept for urban research area,”sustainable lifestyle and fashion”,”relax&leisure””Sunday&gifts・rescue”such as the theme and have been.

Two compartments separated by a 38-seat large storage space,in-store customer meals and breaks can benefit from the workshop and networking event is held possible,the city hub of the station and also plays a key role.

Also, the island counter,smoothies and craft Beers, the family of ingredients for this menu, such as to match the time provided.

Family is the most drugstores and bookstores, Laundromat,many different industries and of integrated stores, and other convenience and differentiation was. Apparel collaboration with this first.

The two companies are in the franchise agreement signed,last year 12 month Body Shop Opening officially announced. Convenience of high ability to attract customers and product lines and sales expertise, and Apparel, By integrating the”customer’s lifestyle to fulfill,a new business model to the evolution of aim”to that. [Article: million Shima from・The article list to look at]

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