Family home media revenue is projected”this year’s flu”outbreak is low

Corona virus and the ominous momentum before you tell them about domestic last year from late this year and the beginning of the”flu”occurs every year compared to the Fortunately low just.

【Here】Teijin’s pharmaceuticals and medical-related businesses in the footsteps of

Every 10 months a year from the 3 months of the”flu”is a concern during the time of the stock market is a home media server [TSE 2nd section,the family home]the existence of Emerge always wanted. Domestic influenza testing for the virus kit is to have a presence.

Mini hotel is a 2 month 12 days before the 12 month period of financial results announcements, the”uncertain factors”reason to the current plan undecided and. “Sales of 61 billion yen, operating income of 8 billion 2900 million won, Net Profit of 6 billion 2000 million yen”and the announcement of 3 May 19, along.

Family home in”the season [2019/2020]than usual from early on in the epidemic of influenza has started,after the turn of the year is the most number of patients increased, and even then usually of such a large peak in the current convergence towards that. The main factor, as a record and a mild winter and a new type of coronavirus infection prevention measures,prevention of influenza to and been.

20 years they[the flu]the number of patients is usually around 40%, and unusually low levels, and with the [sales accounted for about half of that]influenza tests of demand has decreased significantly,”said The New Year Plan [compared to previous year 5. 1% decline in sales,25.4%operating profit,29.1%of the final profit]was published.

Family home clinical trials the drug company came to be established in 1977. In vitro test drugs were professional to turn to for 81 years. “A type・B type can be carried out simultaneously in the positive, whether or not in about 5 minutes turns out to be a”virus Kit other than better inspection of the drug life.

★Adenovirus kit: infection with high fever may adenovirus, the main disease is pharyngitis・conjunctivitis is gastroenteritis・pneumonia・such as cystitis and. The inspection is not performed”abdominal pain”is suing the clinic for patients with gastrointestinal drugs are prescribed for many do not.

★Quick design series: plasma / serum testing. Hepatitis B and syphilis; diseases of the inspection.

★Pneumococcal kit: pneumonia and pulmonary suppuration syndrome, such as infection”gram-positive bacteria”, and trace amounts of urine to detect. The determination of time is 5 minutes too.

View detailed analysts”credit is postponed and a family home in female athletes as an essential ovulation prediction tests such as the sale being”as.

Family home itself is”seasonal variability of high commodity [flu test kit]leveling”shows the future, what tests to develop expectations, but I would like to see companies. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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