Famima introduces a delicious horse cup ramen "Yuzu scented chicken Shio Soba" that feels the taste of chicken! | AppBank

Family martThe new product "Yuzu Fragrant Chicken Soba" is now on sale! It is said that the yuzu is effective, so it's a refreshing cup ramen that seems to be perfect for summer ♪ I will report the actual meal immediately! ――

Use of Yuzu from Kochi Prefecture! ‥

I found a new product that I'm interested in looking for the interior of FamilyMart, saying that I want to make cup ramen easily today's lunch! ‥
Its name is "Yuzu fragrant chicken salt soba"! It seems to be very delicious from the naming. If it's so hot, you'll probably want lighter flavors than thicker ramen.
It is said that Yuzu from Kochi Prefecture, which is known as a specialty of Yuzu, is used, and I am looking forward to seeing how much the yuzu flavor can be felt♪

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