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Family martLaunched a Danish of potatoes and cheese.
I've been promoting FamilyMart for 10 years, and I've been pushing for potatoes and cheese, so I'll tell you the charm! ‥
This time, I arranged it and ate it, so please check it out.

I bought it immediately

Potato and cheese…Isn't it delicious anymore (serious face)?

To be honest, the author, who promotes potatoes and cheese, thought so, but it is important to actually experience everything. I went to the store and bought it.

The potatoes are more voluminous than you might imagine, and the cheese scent that scents when you open the bag.

I can't beat this with potatoes and cheese. Let's eat it now! ‥

First, heat with a toaster! ‥

First of all, it's not a bite. First of all, we will heat it with the toaster, the royal road of arrangement! ‥

Potato and cheese are now a combination of the royal roads that are being developed in various places. In addition to being delicious to eat, it is also important to be strong in the arrangement.

So, I will heat it at 540W for about 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, I recommend borrowing the heat from the toaster to warm it up inside.

Then, from here, I can recommend the result of arranging and eating! I will introduce the points I thought.

Danish dough with a crispy texture

First of all, the Danish dough has been transformed into a crispy texture! The shape is solid, so it's perfect to eat.

When I brought it to my mouth, it made a good and crisp sound. It's a big product, but thanks to the Danish dough, it's fairly easy to eat.

The part where the potatoes and cheese were on was made of thick dough, so that the potatoes did not fall.

This consideration for ease of eating is truly Family Mart.

Mellow taste of potato filling

And the taste of potato filling is also the best! I really want people who like potatoes to try this.

The surface of the potatoes, which was originally soft, was a little crunchy due to heating, but this taste is irresistible! ‥

The surface was crisp, but the inside was soft and the overall finish was mellow.

The point was that the black pepper had a good taste because the potato itself was mellow. This compatibility was really perfect.

Rich cheese and aroma

And above all, the cheese was very attractive.

When I opened the bag, it first smelled good, but warming it changed it into an elegant scent.

I think the cheese is seasoned richly as the potatoes are finished gently. However, there was no strong scent, and I felt that the amount and intensity were just right.

If you want to enjoy the scent of cheese, please try it.

The potato and cheese Danish that I introduced this time is 138 yen (tax included) and it is very affordable! ‥
With a calorie of 398 kcal, it is also perfect when you are hungry or when you go out.
Whether you're a potato and cheese fan or not, why not try this opportunity?

Store: Family Mart
Menu: potato and cheese danish
Price: 138 yen (tax included)
Official site:Danish Family Mart with potatoes and cheese

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