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Family Mart has released shrimp mayonnaise rice ball! ‥
Anyway, it seems that the device is a little different from ordinary shrimp mayonnaise rice ball.
The writer who has loved FamilyMart for 10 years and has eaten various rice balls will thoroughly explain its charm! ‥

I bought it immediately

When you enter the shop, the shrimp mayonnaise musubi that had a strong presence in the rice ball corner.

This rice ball was wrapped in FamilyMart's usual premium packaging! I love the writer of this rice ball series. We purchased while excited.

When I opened the package, I saw the shrimp and the shrimp inside, and the tension exploded. Expectations rise to the size of the shrimp that you can see even if you hide it with glue.

Let's eat now! ‥

First bite

First of all, I had a bite. For me, I think that cold rice balls make a sense. The compatibility of cold rice and ingredients is very important.

In that respect, this rice ball had a great sense. Anyway, the seasoning of mayonnaise goes well with rice! It is not too sour, and has a solid taste that makes the bonito rice dries.

There may be some people who warm up and eat it, but I would like to enjoy the cool rice ball as it is.

Big shrimp

When I ate it as it was, a big shrimp came out! First, let's thoroughly taste the whole one.

Bring the shrimp along with the rice… this is so plentiful! Not only was it big, but the shrimp itself had a great texture.

It also goes well with mayonnaise. When you say shrimp mayo, you may have a thick image, but that is not the case.

You can enjoy plenty of shrimp with a moderate acidity, so if you keep it cool it is perfect for summer rice.

If you eat more, another shrimp will appear. I was tasting this little by little, but the sourness is still somehow different. I think it's not just a prawn mayo.

I wondered why and looked it up, and found that it had lemon sauce sauce! The reason why the product had a refreshing finish was because it contained lemon ankake.

I didn't feel the bitterness of lemons at all, and I also recommend it to people who are not good at lemons and fruits.

Last bite

When I ate like this, the shrimp were gone. However, it is still a delicious shrimp mayonnaise rice ball.

The combination of fresh lemon flavored mayonnaise and rice is the best, and above all, the cool rice ball is too good on this hot day.

If you feel like you've been a little tired of summer, why don't you try healing with this rice ball?

The shrimp mayonnaise rice ball introduced this time is 185 yen (tax included) and it is very affordable! ‥
The calorie is 263 kcal, so it's a good stomach, so it's recommended for the main rice.
Why don't you try the rice ball perfect for the beginning of summer?

Store: Family Mart
Menu: Shrimp mayonnaise rice ball
Price: 185 yen (tax included)
Official site:Shrimp mayonnaise rice ball/Family mart

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