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Family mart"RIZAP vegetables plenty Champon", which will be the 12th collaboration project with RIZAP, has appeared.

What kind of cup noodle is the 12th collaboration "RIZAP plenty of vegetables Champon"?

The cup noodles introduced this time are "RIZAP plenty of vegetables Champon", which is sold only at FamilyMart.

It is manufactured by Myojo Foods and launched on June 23, 2020.

"FamilyDe Risap cup noodles are a regular product that is regularly released at FamilyMart.

It first appeared in January 2017 and gained popularity with "RIZAP Ginger Soy Sauce Ramen" and "RIZAP Spicy Miso Ramen".

The distinctive feature of "Famima and Lysap" cup noodles is that they are healthy and delicious, while suppressing the sugar content of the noodles.

It's a dream cup noodle that's kind not only for people on a diet but also for people who are worried about sugar.

The first "Champon" at Famima

The Lysap cup noodles that have been released so far have used stimulating spices to supplement the unsatisfactory taste resulting from the reduced sugar content.

However, this time it's "Champon", which is said to have few claims of spice, so I'm wondering how to make up for the lack.

Only one bag of "post-added seasoning oil" is provided as an additional bag.

When the lid is opened, the standard ingredients of Champon such as jellyfish, cabbage and crab sticks are packed.

According to the information on the official website, it features "Champon soup with plenty of vegetables and seafood."

Completion is the addition of the "post-added seasoning oil" to the Champon soup, which has the delicious taste of seafood, pork and plenty of vegetables.

Champon soup with a firm taste

For the soup, the savory flavor of sesame oil adds to the appetite of Champon soup, which has the delicious flavors of seafood and pork bones.

The sweet, mellow and gentle soup has a nice edgy accent with pepper.

The noodles are medium-thin, non-fried, and seem to contain vegetable fibers to suppress sugar.

The noodles are processed by limiting sugar content, but they do not feel so crunchy, and the texture does not feel uncomfortable as Champon noodles.

Until now, the Lysap cup noodles used to supplement the satisfaction of the stomach with a strong spiciness and spice, but this product is simply delicious “Champon”.

In addition, plenty of vegetables such as cabbage, chrysanthemum, sprouts, crab sticks, carrots, etc. are included, so you will be satisfied with that.

This cup noodle is recommended not only for those with limited sugar but also for those who want to lose weight but want to eat cup noodles!

Store: Family Mart
Menu: RIZAP vegetables with plenty of champon
Price: 237 yen (tax included)
Official site:RIZAP Vegetable Champon|Family Mart

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(Edit: Karko)

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