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Family martThe Brulee Pancake is now on sale! ‥Family martI have loved Custard for 10 years, and the writer who loves custard will fully explain its charm. If you like brulee or pancakes, you should definitely try it! ‥

I bought it immediately

What kind of image would everyone have if they were called pancakes? I'm not the only one to imagine a volumey cake on a large plate.

Family martBrulee pancakes were made smaller than that image. However, there is plenty of custard on such a small cake.

From the appearance, it's a mellow feeling… This is irresistible to custard lovers. Let's eat it now! ‥

First bite

First, I tried a bite. This is really good! Extends the fluffy custard taste in your mouth.

The pound cake has two layers and is stable, so even if you scoop it firmly, it will not collapse at all. Thanks to you, you can enjoy a lot of custard! ‥

Now then, I would like to introduce the points that I found to be delicious.

Thick custard

First of all, the custard cream was applied without stinging! When I ate this, it was surprisingly sweet.

At first, I was surprised, but thanks to that, the whole pancake has a mature taste. It goes perfectly with caramel.

There were two layers of pound cake, and there was custard in it. Exquisitely meshes with the sweetness of the dough, and even if you continue to eat, it will not be persistent at all.

It's also perfect for those who eat sweet sweets right away.

Caramel accent

Caramel was on the pancake like Brulee. I ate it while worrying that it might be bitter, but it didn't happen! ‥

It is completely different from caramel which has a bitter taste that makes you frown. Caramel itself is bitter, but that bitterness did not remain.

It was a good accent when I ate it, but then the bitterness disappeared quickly. I'm amazed at this elegance.

The mellow taste of pancakes

And the taste of pancakes is exceptional! When you bring it to your mouth, you can enjoy its soft and moist texture and sweetness.

I thought that the shape of the brulee pancake might be finished with a firm hardness so that it would not collapse, so when I tried eating it, it was truly fluffy … I would like you to try this.

It goes well with custard and elegant bitter caramel. Recommended for those who like pudding! ‥

The brulee pancake we introduced this time is 298 yen (tax included) and you can buy it at a great deal! ‥
The calories are 248kcal, which is perfect for desserts and when you are hungry.
Especially if you are a Brulee fan or if you like pancakes, why not give this a try?

shop:Family mart
Menu: Brulee Pancake
Price: 298 yen (tax included)
Official site:Brulee Pancake Family Mart

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