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Family martThe cookie shoe is now on sale! ‥
For 10 years after promoting FamilyMart, of course, the writer who loves cream puffs will fully convey its charm.
It was a delicious new taste that can be recommended to those who like sweets! ‥

I bought it immediately

Speaking of cream puffs, fluffy dough and custard… I thought so, until I encountered this product.

Everyone should know if you eat this cookie shoe. The crunchy cream puffs go better than expected.

When I bought the product at once, it looked rugged. The surface seems to be coated with sugar. It has a soft and sweet scent.

Let's have a real meal! ‥

First bite

I heard that cream puffs do not spill when held upside down, but the author still spilled (laughs). Please be careful, too.

When I ate it immediately, the cookie dough made a good sound! The sweet taste of sugar will come later.

I couldn't get to the cream part of the first mouth, but the soft scent of custard just came. This is no more than a cream puff fan.

Now, from here, I would like to introduce the points I recommend! ‥

Rich custard taste

First of all, the custard that I missed! The richness was pikaichi, and the taste made me want to make my mouth full.

The sweetness peculiar to custard was suppressed moderately, so it tasted delicious even after eating all the time. I think it is perfect for those who are not good at sweet custard.

Of course it goes perfectly with cookie dough. The sweetness of sugar and custard… doesn't it have a persistent taste? I was worried, but that was not the case.

Probably because the cookie dough is also seasoned.

The cookie dough is not too persistent! ‥

The seasoning of the dough is one of the points I recommend! Here, it has a crunchy texture but is not persistent.

The sugar coding has a surprisingly gentle taste when you try it. Many people find it easier to eat than it looks.

The uncoded part is also lightly seasoned, and the crunchy feeling on the top and the moist feeling on the bottom are perfectly balanced.

If you want to enjoy the texture of the new cream puff, why not buy it?

Be careful when eating! ‥

Here is one thing I want to share with you.

If you look at the picture, you can see that I'm eating by hand. I don't really recommend this way of eating (laughs). ‥

I noticed it when I started eating, but the sugar coding melts away from my body temperature. You can't enjoy the crunchy feeling.

When you eat, take it from the bag or place it on a plate and eat! ‥

The cookie shoe I introduced this time is 150 yen (tax included) and it is very affordable! ‥
The calories are 271 kcal, making it perfect for a dessert after meals.
If you want to taste the new texture of cream puff, please give it a try.

Store: Family Mart
Menu: Cookies with a crispy texture
Price: 150 yen (tax included)
Official site:Cookie shoe family mart with a crispy texture

(Edit: Karko)

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