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Family martHas released a new product, "Pote Saraham cutlet"! ♪ You can't miss the favorite foods you tend to ask for in the izakaya called Hamkatsu and Potesara! ――

Famima's hot snacks are aggressive and the best

I bought it immediately! Fami Chiki's familiar package.
RecentFamilyFor hot snacks, interesting products such as "Sata Andagi (with Anmochi)" and "Kaki no Tane Fami Chiki" are being released one after another for a limited time.
It's a novel product, but it's all delicious, so keep an eye on it. Because thisconvenience storeI can't stop going! ♪ I'm looking forward to this potato ham cutlet!

It's crispy! ‥

When the seal is cut off, the scent of pork and ham cutlet is fragrant and fried. Juri: This looks delicious.
The shape is a thick rectangle, and I feel like the ingredients are in the bread! From the appearance, I can't imagine Potesara in it.

I think that potatoes are a dish that involves a lot of processes of peeling potatoes, boiling them, and mashing them. It's a pain to make at home, so I'm happy that I can eat a hot potato potesara at a convenience store! ‥

The thick ham cutlet is nice! ‥

I cut it in half! ♪ O-Ham cutlet has a nice look of Potesara!
I was surprised that the ham cutlet was thicker than expected. This is likely to be eaten…!

Let's have a bite! First, I will do without the attached source. Puck. Umm…Umm… The combination of crispy clothes and hot potatoes is the best! ‥
Potesara is full-fledged because you can feel the thick part of potatoes and the sweetness of chopped onions. ‥

Even better with the sauce

This product, ham cutlet, has a salty taste, so it doesn't need any sauce. The taste is solid just by the deliciousness of the ingredients! However, in the latter half, please enjoy the change in taste with the attached sauce.
Puck. Yes, Motilon is delicious! The sourness of the sauce is added to enhance the taste. The deliciousness that makes you want to scream from noon, "Please give me a beer!"
If you're in an izakaya, you'll definitely want to order it!

Best for home drinking and another dinner! ‥

Eating this potato ham cutlet at lunch is dangerous because it makes you want to drink beer. Of course, it's delicious, so it's recommended for the stomach! ‥
After all, I think that the best companion to drink at home is good, because the popular izakaya menu called Potesara and Hamkatsu are gathered together.

Another dish for dinner! Even when you say, you can be well nourished and everyone loves it so you'll definitely be happy♪

This was an introduction of the new Family Mart product "Potesala ham cutlet". Because it is the strongest tag of potato salmon and ham cutlet, it is definitely delicious and recommended! ‥

Store: Family Mart
Menu: Potsala ham cutlet
Price: 139 yen (150 yen including tax)
Official site:Potato Saraham cutlet

(Sentence/Photograph ☆IZUMINT☆)
(Edit: Karko)

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