Famima's "Tontontoro-ri Pancake" had a really fluffy texture and gentle taste!! | AppBank

Family martFrom now on, Tonton Torori Pancake has been released! ‥
I have loved FamilyMart for 10 years, and I love pancakes as well, and I will tell you its charm.
It was playful and recommended for pancake lovers! ‥

I bought it immediately

No, in fact, I love pancakes! However, since the thick pancakes are delicious, it's not easy to taste.

So I heard that this time the pancakes will be released, and I'll definitely buy them on the release date! I thought (laughs). It was good to buy safely…

Looking at the product, it seems that you can make the pancake sticky by yourself. I'm looking forward to it, but I will report it at once! ‥

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