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Famous YouTuber hands-on Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha "one screen across and behind"-Engadget Japan Version

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha
China Xiaomi in September last yearAnnouncement"Mi MIX Aplha", a smartphone with a curved display wound around the body. The Aircraft is still unreleased, but overseas hands-on YouTube has released this advanced hands-on. [/ embed]

The video was released by tech-savvy YouTuber Marques Brownlee. He introduces prototype products centered on the curved display that surrounds the main unit mounted on Mi MIX Aplha.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

All sides of the Mi MIX Aplha are displays, and of course there are no physical buttons. Therefore, the volume change etc. are operated with the software buttons on the side. The side also shows the time and notifications.

On the bottom of the main unit, there is only a physical power button, charging port, and SIM card slot. Speakers have also been replaced by sound reproduction from display vibration.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

The display that wraps around the back part can be used as a widget space to display media playback, time, weather forecast, or as a confirmation screen when selfie. The idea of ​​applying the rear display to selfie is similar to the Huawei Mate X / Xs folding smartphone.

At the time of product launch, Mi MIX Aplha was scheduled to be released last December for RMB 19,999 [about 310,000 yen]. However, the sale has not started yet. The reviewer device seems to be mature enough and we want to look forward to the day this innovative device reaches the public.


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