Fan must see! Ferrari F1 machine operated by Michael Schumacher for the first time is on sale

The first Scuderia Ferrari F1 machine 412 T2 operated by Michael Schumacher is on sale.

On November 16, 1995, Schumacher, 26, sat in a white driving suit and sat down in the seat of a bright red Ferrari [# 157]. Five days after running 17 laps on the Fiorano circuit, he ran 28 laps on the Estoril circuit in Portugal.

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The 412 T1 was the earliest F1 car designed by John Bernard. Using carbon fiber, the mid-mounted 3-liter 75-degree V12 engine "Tipo044 / 1", downsized from the first generation, delivered approximately 600 horsepower. Although the # 157 wasn't Jean Alesi's 1995 Canadian Grand Prix win in 1995, one that plays an important role in Ferrari's F1 history would be well worth it.

The # 157 was sold to German private collectors by then team manager Jean Todd after Schumacher had taken the steering wheel and completed the test run. He returned to racer Klaas Swart in 2000 and was running in several historic car events. In 2013, the current owners took over, and in 2014 the engine was overhauled.In 2018, it was returned to the Maranello factory to maintain the chassis and gearbox and overhaul the brakes. At the same time, it has been repainted in Rosso Scuderia color. It retains the original chassis, engine and gearbox and is Ferrari Classice certified. The perfect condition to enter the race at any time.

Enthusiasts from all over the world were on display at Retromobile 2020, but no next pick-up was found. Although the price is "inquiry", it is probably the best collection for Michael Schumacher fans.

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