Fans uncover 3 secret trailers of "West World" third season


Fans uncover 3 secret trailers of "West World" third season

Trilogy of Star Wars series andLive-action version "Your name is."Responsible for the production ofJJ AbramsIs an overseas drama series "West WorldHas been discovered by a fan. Secret movie from March 15, 2020HBOOpened for the third season of West World, which will start broadcasting onwebsiteAnd found on YouTube,Limited releaseIt has become.

Westworld fan digs up three more ‘secret’ trailers for Season 3-Polygon

West World, a popular overseas drama of HBO, will start its third series, the latest series, on March 15, 2020. In the third season of West World, the latest trailer was just released on February 21, 2020, and you can see how the fight between the guest (human) and the host (Android) is intensifying.

The latest trailer of the third season of the SF thriller “ West World '' depicting the rebellion of androids with the ego of JJ Abrams production general is released-gigazine

Fans have discovered three secret movies, separate from the latest trailer published on this HBO YouTube channel. I discovered the West World secret movie,RedditUser'sMTC_ChickpeaSan. According to him, it was set up for the third season of WestworldwebsiteThen, a movie showing the trajectory of the fictional company Incite is played, but a different trial starts every time the movie is played 25 times. MTC_Chickpea explains, "Because I was connected with a VPN, I was lucky enough to find a secret movie."

The first secret movie that was discovered is Dolores Avanasy, a key man on the Android side (actor:Evan Rachel Wood) And the new character caleb in the third season (act:Aaron Paul) Love comedy movie.

Westworld III | When Caleb Meets Dolores-YouTube

(embed) (/ embed)

"Who are you?"


From the words of Dolores, "Let's buy breakfast," they enter the restaurant. Dolores ordered, "He has a cheeseburger and a strawberry shake, and two cherries."

"It's a perfect order … why do you know?" Caleb mutters.

"I looked at you. I think you were the one I was looking for." "What does that mean?"

"I'm working on a big thing and I believe you can help." "What the hell are you going to do?"

"Start a revolution" "Like"

"I'm a girl trapped in the body of this machine"

"And I'm under you"

What came under the child …

Charlotte Hale, an executive at Delos, who manages an interactive theme park West World where guests can fulfill their desires at the host (act:Tessa Thompson).

To Dolores muttering, "Kaleb …"

Caleb kisses.

"Is this a problem?"

"No, no."

"You are the first true being in my long life."

In addition, he is an NFL star player in the secret movieMarshawn LynchAlso appears and talks with Caleb & Dolores.

The second one follows the same scene as the latest trailer released in February 2020, and a new cut will appear from around 2 minutes 10 seconds.

Westworld III | Your World-YouTube

(embed) (/ embed)

A mysterious armed group wearing a mask

Dolores falls

Charlotte came in …

Delos research facility.

There he is pointed by a gun at the armed group. It's unclear if Charlotte has disobeyed Delos, or if it's a scene of an enemy invading the Delos research facility.

The third movie is a movie with text that gives a sense of the end of each character.

Westworld III | Free Will Is Not Free-YouTube

(embed) (/ embed)

"Escape is not free"

The point at which the pistol is pointed at the new character, Caleb …

Awakened host, Mave Milley (act:Thandie Newton)I want you to find Dolores and kill himMysterious man who asked.

"Reality is not optimization"

Dolores is connected to the cable and has an expression of agony.

"Wish is not power"

Someone who seems to be Mave …

Kiss someone.

"Independence is not negotiable"

Charlotte stands alone.

"Fate is not digital"

Bernard Row strangling a man (act:Jeffrey Wright)

"Confusion remains the same"

A man in black clothes that appeared from underwater (act:Ed Harris).

"Chaos is not a revolution"

Ashley Stubbs, WestWorld Security Officer (actor:Luke Hemsworth)

"Death is not disagreement"

Confronting Mave with a Japanese sword …

Dolores. Dolores says, "I'll show you what is true in this world."

"Free will is not free"

A man in black clothes restrained.

A brown woman staring at it. It is painful to see a man in black clothes being restrained, his fingers dig into his arms.

"And the truth will free you," says Dolores.

The color of the screen that says "Free will is not free" is reversed and the movie ends.

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