Fascinated by EXILE THE SECOND distribution live

EXILE THE SECOND appeared on LDH's new live distribution "LIVE x ONLINE" on the 3rd.

EXILE THE SECOND was fascinated by "Adult Showtime". From the opening, vocal SHOKICHI [34] hits the drum, NESMITH [36] played the guitar, and TETSUYA [39] performed the tap dance. While pushing out the individuality, the latest song "Instant Eternal" and representative The songs "YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!!" and "SUPER FLY" were folded one after another.

In the middle stage, I made the story-oriented production entertaining with the video. Kenchi Tachibana [40] performed "Top Down" with female dancers, AKIRA [38] raised the excitement with SHOKICHI's collaboration song "THE FOOLS", and Keiji Kuroki [40] also wrote "Story" for the first time. Debuted for the first time.

In addition, EXILE's representative song "Choo Choo TRAIN" was arranged and presented in a jazz version. Interact with fans by chatting online with 16 people selected in the lottery and reading comments on distribution. Kuroki, who was checking comments during the live, said with a smile, "I hope everyone's reaction will be live and live."

EXILE THE SECOND had been planning a national arena tour since April 18th, but it was canceled due to the new corona. SHOKICHI said, "I think you all had a lot of hard work in 2020… I want to cherish each day one day so that at the end of this year, I think it would be a good year. It's a little far away, but music goes beyond that distance, and it's the power of music that can deliver energy and love to you even across such space-time. I will do my best to work hard."

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