FBI warns of danger of smart TV–to prevent illegal data acquisition, eavesdropping, and voyeurism

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] says there is a danger of causing privacy infringement on Internet-enabled smart TVswarningdid.

Smart TV has an Internet connection function, can access streaming video distribution services, and install apps. Some models are equipped with cameras and microphones.

If there is a malicious person in the smart TV manufacturer or application development company, unauthorized use of data, eavesdropping, voyeurism, etc. could be executed. In addition, there is a possibility that it is easier to be targeted than a PC, and it is possible that it will be used as a stepping stone for further attacks following a cyber attack.

The smart TV is vulnerable to cyber attacksPreviously problematicHas been. Also,Vulnerability allowing robot vacuum cleaners to voyeurThere is an example where was discovered.

The FBI understands the smart TV functions well so that it does not suffer damage, and performs security settings such as changing passwords and suspending camera use. In some cases, the camera is taped and blindfolded to correct security updates. We called for such measures.

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