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The “Feast Montblanc” series starts on February 5 (Wednesday) at the conveyor belt sushi chain “Kappa Sushi”. As a first step, "Mont Blanc of Fukuoka Prefecture Amaou Strawberry and Mascarpone" has appeared.

"Feast Montblanc" shining with plastic

"Kappa Sushi" starts the "Feast Montblanc" series from February 5 (Wednesday).

Following the “Amaou Strawberry and Mascarpone Mont Blanc from Fukuoka Prefecture” currently on sale, the second one will be “First Picked Hoshino Village Matcha Mont Blanc” from March 19, and the third one will be “fresh chocolate mint” from May 13. Of Montblanc is planned.

This time, we specially sampled all three types. I was surprised at the authentic taste that I could not imagine as a conveyor belt sushi!

Amaou Strawberry and Mascarpone Mont Blanc from Fukuoka Prefecture

Sweet and sour using the juice of "Amaou strawberry from Fukuoka", and the inside is a refreshing and light sweet Mont Blanc of mascarpone cream from Hokkaido.

The scent of strawberries that fills your mouth the moment you eat. Mascarpone cream is refreshing and the balance of acidity is exquisite. It was not too sweet and refreshed, so it tasted like savory after eating sushi.

First Picked Hoshino Village Matcha Mont Blanc

* Scheduled to be released on Thursday, March 19

This Montblanc is made from the finest bitterness and umami of the first picked matcha, using the special matcha from Hoshino Village, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture, which has developed as a mountain suitable for the cultivation of fine tea.

The strawberries I ate earlier are completely different and have a very Japanese flavor. The whipped inside enhances the bitterness of the matcha, and it was a Mont Blanc with a strong dark green tea taste.

Refreshing chocolate mint Mont Blanc

* Scheduled to be released on May 13 (Wed.)

We use original chocolate mint cream which added mint to custard cream and three kinds of cheese (cheddar, cream, mascarpone). The inside cream is mixed with Chocosplay.

A beginner chocolate mint flavor that even people who are not good at chocolate mint can eat. It was a refreshing taste perfect for the early summer season when it gets a little hotter.

Montblanc has a cute look with authentic taste300 yen + taxThat's a nice point. Kappa sushi has a good quality of sweets such as coffee and pudding, so it can be used as a cafe.

Official site:Feast Montblanc | Kappa Sushi

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