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Feel like a princess with Jill Stuart's “Princess Look Liquid Eye Shadow”, which creates a noisy pupil!

A liquid eyeshadow with a different vintage color!

Jill Stuart's liquid eye color that produces a princess eye with a dull eye from beauty"Princess Look Liquid Eye Shadow"Will be released on November 15th. This winter princess with a glittering eye shadow that is too cute with vintage colors!

Sparkling eyes that everyone loves! Holiday limited liquid eye color changing to powdery

Jill Stuart's 2019 holiday collection is lined up with cute designs and colors full of vintage, inspired by the innocent “urban princess” that is intelligent, elegant and fashionable but loves fun and innocent.

"Princess Look Liquid Eye Shadow" (limited to 4 colors, suggested retail price 2,500 yen excluding tax, released on November 15 * Limited quantity)Is an eyeshadow that fits a fresh liquid and then beautifully colors the eyes that change into a powdery shape.
There are 4 limited colors.

It is moist and glossy, but it ’s light and powdery.

Even if it has a firm feeling of glitter, it will be easy to use if the vintage color has a calm tone.

The vintage color is too cute! Eye color that makes Princess's eyes full

This time, let's try the color "01 rose sachet" that reflects the scent of a gorgeous rose.

Put several places on the eyelids with the tip and spread it evenly with your fingertips.

The included tip is gently curved on one side, making it easy to use and fits your eyelids securely.

The scent of Sweet Urban Brinces, which is limited to the collection, drifts slightly and feels elegant.

I've never used a red color in my eyes, but it doesn't become heavy because it changes to a powdery shape.

For a natural finish. Wet gloss and elegant glitter are very fashionable with Princess Like!

November 8th reservation start! Limited release from 15th!

“Princess Look Liquid Eye Shadow” is fashionable with only a single color, but it can also be used in combination with a hand-held eye color.
The usual eye makeup changes gorgeously and seems to be enjoyed in many ways.

Jill Stuart's “Princess Look Liquid Eye Shadow” will be available for pre-order starting November 8th.

Released from November 15th. If you are worried about it, check it out early.

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