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Feeling like manipulating a real bird. Radio-controlled airplane “MetaFly'' for adults-Engadget Japan version

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↓First, please see this movement↓
ExactlyFlapping the same as a bird!
MetaFlyThe landing is also an elegant movement that is not possible with ordinary drones.

At Kickstarter,72.2 million yen or moreAmazingly popular product that has won the support of!

Excellent gliding abilityDue to long and lightweight wings.It is made of carbon fiber + liquid crystal polymer [LCP] + durable OPP [biaxially oriented polypropylene], achieving both durability and lightness.

The turn that draws a beautiful orbit is the real pleasure of operating MetaFly. By adjusting the tail angle, you can switch between flight speed and turn size.

Reproduction of bird movement
The head, legs, and wings have elasticity to achieve flexible flapping.In addition, graceful takeoff and landing like a real bird is a novel sensation that can not be enjoyed with radio control and drones until now!

Fly around freely
Improved remote control greatly improves operability!The high-precision control function and wide communication range [maximum wireless communication distance 100 m] allow wild movements of birds to be realized freely.

Edwin Van Ruymbeke

Highest level flight experience developed across generations: TIM, BionicBird, and MetaFly
MetaFly is a product born as a result of research and development over 50 years. Its origins date back to the 1960s, when my grandfather and father made the first bird-shaped airplane.I grew up watching these two people and had a dream of becoming an aviation engineer from an early age. And I have devoted my life to that study. The one I was most absorbed in was research on "biomimetics aviation technology," which makes people feel the brilliance of life.
Among them, we have been devising and teaching biomimetics aviation technology. And in 2014, we successfully completed the Bionic Bird crowdfunding campaign. And in just three weeks, we delivered it to our supporters. And this time, we will introduce MetaFly, a product that has been further developed and evolved. It is a great honor to bring this passion back to the world.

MetaFly has an elegant movement like a real bird, but at first it may not fly well.
To fly well, you need to make fine adjustments to the wings and practice the flight.
You can also enjoy the process of improvement.
When you get better, gliding elegantly in the room! You can swivel around the furniture at an acute angle.

Adjustable high speed/low speed flight

Contrary to the delicate movement that draws an elegant curve, the main body has a structure that is strong against impact with elasticity in the head, legs and wings. Please fly with confidence.

It is recommended for those who refrain from going out and feel stress.
Feeling refreshed when you can fly to the blue sky as you want while trial and error so that you can fly well!

Warranty period: 1 year

Please rest assured that it comes with a one year warranty from the date of delivery.
The warranty covers only initial failures and failures due to normal use.
The warranty does not cover natural wear, deterioration over time, or damage resulting from incorrect use.

Country of sale


Country of origin


<Size & specifications>


29 cm

Body length

19 cm


About 10g

・0.8W powerful power
・Mechanical coreless motor with aluminum heat sink
・Ultra-light, ultra-compact, 0.3g weight, patented gearbox [reduction ratio 1/36]・Hybrid LiPo battery-55mAh 20C [1100mA] Weight 1.6g
・USB charging is also possible

Remote control length

10 cm

Remote control width

15 cm

・Radio frequency 2.4GHz
・Automatic power off function
・Maximum wireless communication distance: 100m
・AA battery x 4
・Automatic power off function

<Set contents>
MetaFly main unit x 1
Controller x 1
1 x USB cable with connector for charging
*AA batteries are not included.

Q, when can I get it?
A, It will be delivered in November 2020.

Q, is it difficult to control?
A, It is necessary to adjust the angle of the tail and the balance of the wings while flying several times. The operation itself is intuitive, so anyone can fly it if they practice.

Q, Which is better, USB charging or remote control charging?
A, Both can be charged, but USB charging is recommended because the battery of the remote control is consumed by operation.

Q, if it hits the wall, will it break immediately?
A, Metafly's head, legs, and wings have a structure that is elastic and resistant to impact, so they will not easily break even if they hit a tree or wall.

Q, How long is the flight time, and how long is the flight distance?
A, the flight time is about 8 minutes, and the flight distance is 100 meters.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for reading this to the end.
I'm Uchiyama from Sparky Create.
We are working on the development of our own products and the import and sale of overseas products, with the motto of "Enriching our lives and making them happy".
We will continue to devote ourselves to the development of our own products and the import and sale of overseas products, but first of all, we will continue to work hard to make this project a success.
We would appreciate it if you could support us.
Thank you very much.

*This product will be a product with a mass production system secured, and after the project is complete, we will work with the manufacturer to deliver it to you as soon as possible. Please be aware that there may be unexpected troubles such as when time is required, or delays may occur due to logistics conditions.
*The contract for this project will be concluded upon application completion. Therefore, please note that you cannot return or cancel due to customer's convenience.

The latest information on MetaFly is also available on SNS!


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