Fencing former President Emura begins free web training

Koji Emura [59], who is the director of the Beijing Olympics Fencing Japan in 2008 and currently presides over "Ex Dream Sports", started a free web course "FENCING AT HOME" for fencing nationwide on the 13th.

Mr. Emura has been instructed at his own facility in Tokyo and has been conducting regular training camps for elementary and junior high school students at the request of the Japan Fencing Association, but due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, neither is possible. We heard from athletes and parents that they were having trouble practicing, and planned a new free course through the Internet. Mr. Emura said, "We have received various voices, such as no place to practice or have gained weight. We ask our staff with specialized knowledge to cooperate with us, not only physical training but also nutrition and mental training. We want to make it possible for children nationwide to practice in earnest while staying at home. "

On the 13th, the first day, Mr. Emura delivered a lecture "The Breakthrough of Japan Fencing". After that, we plan to prepare new content every day such as yoga that incorporates the movement of fencing and lectures on nutrition. Of the distributed videos, "public" can be viewed by anyone. "Limited release" can be watched for free by signing up for the newsletter on the Ex Dream Sports website [] and subscribing to the Youtube channel. You can watch the video for 10 days from the release date.

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