Fencing Japan National Team resumes training “Progressive Strength” Emura

Japanese fencing representatives resumed their practice at the Ajinomoto National Training Center [NTC] in Tokyo on the 2nd.

In February and March, an overseas expedition continued, which was the culmination of the Tokyo Olympics [Olympics] national team selection race. Since each of them had been waiting at home after mid-March, it was the first time in about four months for the overall activities at the same place.

On the first day of training resumption following the cancellation of the emergency declaration, a total of 28 people participated, each consisting of 8 men and women of Saber, 6 women of Fleuré, and 3 men and women of Epe. Based on the guideline for infectious disease prevention, keep a distance and start footwork and aiming. I checked the condition without armor and interpersonal practice.

Women's serv ace Misaki Emura [21 = Chuo University] commented as follows through the Japan Association when asked about the resumption of practice.

“Of course I am happy to be able to use the practice field. There are various restrictions such as time, rules, distance, etc. Although it is far from practice before closing, there is an environment where you can practice like this. However, no matter how much training you do at home, when actually fencing on the fix [competition court], you need to gradually increase the strength. think"

“I think that there are no exercise areas even during self-restraint, and there are differences in the environment and practice intensity among athletes. I think that it is the same for athletes in all competitions, but because it is now after resuming practice, injury I thought it would be great if each person could increase their strength at their own pace, while being careful enough."

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