Ferrari Daytona obtained by enthusiastic fans | sleeps in the garage for a long time

At the 1971 Geneva show, the Ferrari booth was surrounded by a large number of customers. This is because 365GTB / 4 Daytona and Dino 246 were announced. Everyone would have talked to the person in charge as they wanted one, but there must have been no more loyal customers than Patrick Singh.
Canadian Sin enjoyed a ski vacation and had to kill time in Geneva because of the delayed flight back to Toronto. I arrived at the exhibition center, but a few minutes after arriving, I asked the person in charge, "How can I get Daytona as soon as possible? The color is metallic Bordeaux Red."
Shin seemed to want to buy it directly from Ferrari, but he didn't ask for advice to apply to the dealer. When I canceled my return flight, I went straight to Modena and ordered directly from the factory. At that time, he instructed the car to come for himself, drive Europe for a while and take it back to Canada.

In July 1971, when the chassis number 14385 was ready, the V12 engine boasting 352bhp was revived, and a one-month trip to Europe was enjoyed. Arrived at the Canadian border. At the customs office, the staff showed disappointment with the exhaust of the Tipo 251 engine, and the question was answered. But he arrived in Toronto's garage safely, and has been living there for over 40 years. Sin stayed in Hong Kong for a while from 1989. He took another car home when he returned home, and since then, Daytona has been sleeping without being used.

Estimated winning bids ranged between $ 600,000 and $ 750,000, and were actually won at $ 770,000. Although it is ready to run again, the mechanical surface needs to be restored and the appearance should be better. It's definitely a great project. The 8-track player contains the 1970s disco music tape.

This is exactly the condition that has passed time.

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