Ferrari employees' families and in-house suppliers can now be serologically tested

Ferrari's "back-on-track" program, introduced to reinforce production to protect the health of its staff, has entered its second phase, focusing on employee families and in-house suppliers.

A special tent of about 1,000 square meters will be set up at the Fiorano Circuit to welcome thousands of families living with about 4000 employees and doctors and medical staff will perform serological tests. This optional test is the first step in understanding your health. If further investigation is needed, it is possible to collect a sample to wipe the pharynx. The test takes only a few minutes and takes place in a dedicated area within the facility, requiring no person to leave the car.

Approximately 18,000 people will be involved in the second stage of the project, and the scope of diagnosis will be expanded to the entire "Ferrari Community". The tests are carried out by the medical companies Lifebrain and PGM under the medical direction of Dr. Maurillio Misere, and the test results are treated in full confidentiality.

The results can be received within about 3 days and can be regularly tested thereafter. Information on the second stage of "Back on Track" and aggregated data will be shared with the information of the entire program with the state of Emilia Romagna, and it will be provided to health institutions as the best case information to protect health. ..

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