Ferrari executives donate end-of-year rewards | To Help Communities

In response to the medical crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ferrari executives donate all or part of their annual compensation to support the region and the country in an effort to create a sense of solidarity. We agreed to fund the activities. First, we will provide support in the following contents, in coordination with each local government, focusing on neighboring Maranello, Fiorano, and Formigine.

● Purchase of inspection and diagnostic equipment for COVID-19
Used in Modena General Hospital and Hospitals in Baggiovara and Sassuolo. The results of these serological molecular tests will be achieved in a short time [4 to 8 hours], which will help prevent or prevent future infections.

● Emergency medical service vehicle utilized in the local community
Donated to volunteers at A.USL, a regional healthcare facility in Modena, to be used by Maranello's AVAP [a public volunteer organization] to respond to emergencies in the region.

● Purchase of school computer equipment
Donated notebooks, tablet terminals, and portable modems to elementary and junior high schools in three towns. These devices enable efficient provision and participation of online classes, which is the basic form of education in an emergency. All IT equipment will remain in each school after the infection is resolved.

● Purchase and distribution of food products to Maranello residents
Support grocery vouchers and essentials purchases for families in need in crisis situations.

A total of close to 2 million euros was created by Ferrari's chairman, CEO, and board of directors donating all the compensation from April to the end of the year, and the senior management team contributing 25% of the salary for the same period. In the coming weeks, it will decide on further regional support.

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