Ferrari without a prancing horse | Dino 246GT Vol.1

● Dino 246 GT tipo-L 1969 year

Dino is not a Ferrari. ‥

Enzo Ferrari, one of the founders of Ferrari, had no idea to build a mass-produced car from the beginning of the company, developed a race car, and sold it to a rich man when finished. With that money, we will build a racing car again. Commercial cars are also unrelated to comfort for the purpose of obtaining homologation. Moreover, the anecdote was that he made only expensive 12-cylinder engines and even said, "I do not attach the Ferrari emblem to cars other than those with 12-cylinder engines."

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The son Alfred Ferrari, who was afraid of his father's company, is working on the development of a 6-cylinder 1.5L engine aiming for a large market. Early in his life, his engine development, which continued after his death, is suddenly taken to the front stage.

With the revision of the F1 regulation in 1983, it was an urgent task to build a compact machine with a small fuel tank, and Ferrari chose the method to scale up the V-6 cylinder 1.5L engine under development.

After that, this engine was used for the F2, and we aimed to obtain homologation as the Dino F2, but Ferrari had no spare capacity at that time and asked Fiat to make it. The 2.0L V-6 engine was made here.

The 206GT commercial car equipped with this is born.

Enzo has decided to develop this car under a different brand. Dino was the nickname for Alfred. It was the moment when the second brand was born at Ferrari.

The 206 GT, which has passed homologation, has undergone a model change to withstand more practical use. Introducing the 246GT with a 2.4L engine and steel body for cost reduction.

While 206 GT or 246 GT was released as a Dino brand, there is no bouncer in the car body.

The anecdote of Ferrari parent and child, who was told like a great man's biography, is a beautiful story that the father listened to the child's wishes and made a car bearing the son's name. However, the Ferrari company at the time was so tight that it was irritating to the back, and it is not hard to imagine that the Dino brand was launched purely as a business.

Although it was such a Dino, it was manufactured as a car completely different from the Ferrari that has been used so far, so the attention of the engineers at that time is packed. The car, which makes steering easier to handle, reduces the size of the car to the size of Japan's 5th car, and maximizes the performance of the newly developed V-6 engine, has been handed down as a famous car without a prancing horse. .

Dino with its excellent design attracts many fans. The amazing thing is the molding of the hollow of the air intake that has been passed through to the door.

The rear window of a sports car that normally adopts the midship is very difficult to see, but the Dino is different. The reason for this is the curved window glass that is integrated into the sides.

The exhaust note emitted from the four-piece muffler is surprisingly gentle.

The nose emblem is Dino, not the prancing horse Ferrari.

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