Ferrari's survey results for car brand No. 1 longed for? | Which brand is second or third?

If you choose the car you want, which one will you choose? The results of a questionnaire survey conducted by Park 24 Co., Ltd. for members of the Times Club, a membership-based service for drivers, on car interest.

First of all, 27% of respondents who have "multiple cars" and 63% "have one", with the ownership rate of 90% in the modern day when the word “ car away '' is often heard. . As for the type, “mini cars” are the most common at 38%, followed by “minivans” at 28%, “compact cars” at 24%, and “sedans” at 15%, two times in the past [2016 survey, 2018 survey] With similar results.

As for favorite body types, No. 1 is the SUV 21%, 2nd is the sports car / minivan 17%, 4th is the compact car 15%, 5th is the sedan 14%, 6th place "light car" came to 12%. In terms of gender, men ranked first with "sports cars" at 23%, followed by "SUVs" at 21%, followed by "minivans" at third. On the other hand, for women, "compact cars", "mini cars" and "SUVs" ranked first with 19%.

And which car brand do you want to ride once? The answer to that question was Ferrari, with 13%. Following the previous and the previous two times, it became the first place in three consecutive times. Lexus 12% is second, BMW and Porsche 11% third, and Mercedes-Benz 10% fifth. By age and gender, Ferrari is in the top three in all ages except the 60s, suggesting its popularity. Mercedes-Benz, ranked fifth overall, was in the top three among women in their 60s and over.

The reason why I chose a long-cherished car brand was that “I like the design” was the most popular at 48%, and 22 points higher than the second place “I can feel the status” of 26%. "Performance looks good" followed by 23%, "because it is out of reach", followed by 22%.

Although the favorite car body types differed between men and women, the car brands I admired showed little difference by gender or age.

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