Fever screening function added to playground and ticket authentication system "MOALA QR"

Playground is a ticket authentication system provided by the company on June 23MOALA QR”, announced that it will add a fever screening function. At the same time as normal ticket authentication, it will be possible to screen visitors who may have a fever.

Image of using "MOALA QR"

Image of using "MOALA QR"

MOALA QR is a unique admission authentication system that combines a general QR code with a proprietary biometric authentication technology. A non-contact system that allows visitors to authenticate by holding their QR code and face at the same time at the gate. Since the QR code is used, it can also be used for paper printing. In addition, 99% of non-personal visits such as unofficial resale and ticket forgery will be detected. In addition, devices that have the iOS app used for authentication installed can be used offline and non-retention of biometric information minimizes security risks.

Image of admission to "MOALA QR"

Image of admission to "MOALA QR"

The newly added temperature measurement function can be used simply by connecting a thermography terminal to the iPad used for MOALA QR. Since it is possible to screen visitors who may have a fever at the same time as MOALA QR personal identification, it is possible to greatly improve the efficiency of temperature measurement work.

In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, the company requires risk countermeasures such as normal ticket confirmation and temperature measurement work to respond to visitors who are suspected of infection, while conventional temperature measurement methods Pointed out that it is necessary to allocate dedicated personnel to measure the temperature of all visitors and set up a large-scale device for exclusive use, which is not only a heavy load on the box office side but also a factor that impairs the entrance speed. .. It is explained that the function development was carried out against the background of this situation, and that efficient admission work that is not much different from the conventional one can be realized.

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