Fifth open call for participants for the Ministry of the Environment ZEH support project, continuing to accept applications

Among the Ministry of the Environment's ZEH support projects for fiscal 2019, the 5th open call for participants, which began recruiting on January 20, still accepts applications as of March 12.

According to the application status announced on the 12th by the environmental co-creation initiative of the project implementation body, the number of applications was about 2,140, ​​and the budget utilization rate was about 68%. The 5th call for proposals is based on a first-come, first-served basis and a decision to grant.

At the start of the call for proposals, the project scale was approximately 1.6 billion yen and the number of applications was approximately 2,000, but the ministry has secured a budget in view of the application status. Public offerings are continuing, assuming an additional 1,000 grants.

The deadline for applying for the fifth public offering is March 27. The amount of subsidy per project in this business in FY2008 will be reduced to 600,000 yen.

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