Figure GP area restrictions 12 final plans

It was revealed on the 4th that the International Skating Union [ISU] has decided to hold all six Grand Prix [GP] Series competitions for figure skating this season. According to the person concerned, a board meeting was held online on the 3rd, and after discussing after gathering requests from the 6 host countries. The discussion was organized in the direction of implementation. On the other hand, due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, there are restrictions on travel to each country, so it is usually difficult to hold the event. The competition system will be discussed in the future as a study subject.

Every year, major players from each country have participated in 2 out of 6 GP series in principle, but there is a possibility that they will be fluid this season. Restricting participation in tournaments in their home country and the area in which they are based appears to be on the agenda, according to multiple people.

ISU plans to hold it as the 22nd Beijing Olympics pre-season. The first plan was to open in Round 1 Skate America [October 23-25, Las Vegas], with weekly events in Canada, China, France, and Russia. The 6th round of the NHK Cup will be held at Towa Yakuhin RACTAB Dome in Osaka from 27th to 29th November. The Japanese side has applied for the hope that the event will be held, and will search for a style that suits the times, such as the presence or absence of spectators and measures against infectious diseases.

The GP Finals, where the top 6 men and women singles from all 6 races [6 pairs for pair and ice dance] will proceed, will be held in Beijing from December 10 to 13 as a pre-event for the 2010 Olympic Games. However, if the corona erosion does not fit, it may be postponed at the beginning of the year. In addition, there is a concern that it will be difficult to select 6 finalists based on the number of points earned in the series, so 12 players will be doubled in the final this season, and a more fair plan for the champion will emerge. Attention is paid to the ISU's decision, which includes the conventional proposal.

Meanwhile, the Junior GP series was officially announced in July with the decision to cancel the whole race.

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