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Film maker lens “snoppa” for smartphones that enables full-scale video shooting-Engadget Japan

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Are you satisfied with your current smartphone camera?

“I want the power of SNS!”
“I want to take nature more magnificent!”
“People can't enter in the group photo!”

Free you from such troubles, easy removableFilm maker lens for smartphone "snoppa"Will deliver a higher-grade camera life‼
All you have to do is attach the lens to the clip. Compatible with almost all smartphones!

Snoppa "Smartphone Film Maker Lens" Product Features

■ Just put on, you can shoot 2.4: 1, almost the same ratio as the movie
■ 1.33 times that enabled wide-screen video shooting
■ 4K compatible high resolution, no degradation of image quality
■ Shooting SNS with powerful images of travel and everyday memories
■ Easy settings and easy shooting with dedicated app

What are the characteristics of filmmaker lenses for smartphones?

Now you can shoot 1.33 times longer!

I'm curious what kind of merit it is.
Please compare the photo above. I think that you can feel the difference between the photos taken with normal photography and the photos using the smartphone film maker lens "snoppa".
In fact, photos taken with this smartphone filmmaker lens are called a cinemascope with a 2.4: 1 aspect ratio that is almost the same as a movie.
If you can take a photo with a much wider field of view, you can remember the magnificent nature of your travels while still remembering it, and everyone will be able to receive group photos with confidence!

Smartphones may have a function to take pictures horizontally …

Some smartphones have the ability to take landscape photos.
However, some of these functions cut the top and bottom of the recorded video into a landscape photo.
Many pixels are thrown away just because this looks horizontally long. This just makes it look wider, and it cannot be said that it really expands the field of view.
That's where the “snoppa” smartphone filmmaker lens comes in!

The powerful visual world created by "snoppa"!

“Snoppa”, a film maker lens for smartphones, displays powerful visual beauty at almost the same ratio as a movie with a lens and application designed for a cylindrical optical structure.
With a cylindrical lens composed of two elements in two groups of special designs, the image that has been horizontally expanded to 1.33 times the normal field of view is further deformed and compressed in the lens and displayed on the smartphone's optical sensor. This video is instantly restored to a 2.4: 1 aspect ratio by a dedicated app and can be enjoyed on a smartphone screen.

The effect of the light seen in the movie is also reproduced!

This lens also reproduces the flare effect of light crossing the screen, as seen in the work of film director JJ Abrams. You can experience the world of video artists too!
Actually, this is also an effect that can be done because it is a dedicated anamorphic lens (film manufacturer lens for smartphones) with a cylindrical lens and anti-reflective coating applied to the lens.

Easy setting with dedicated app

The dedicated app can be easily downloaded with a QR code.
Just open the app and turn on "Anamorphic Lens" from the camera tab of settings.
Then just enjoy shooting freely.

Shooting is easy, but this smartphone film maker lens “snoppa” uses a full-fledged lens.
Whether you want to face the subject seriously or enjoy the shooting casually, the usage scene will expand depending on you!

Easy attachment and detachment with clip

Attach the lens to a special clip, and align the center of the smartphone film maker lens with the center of the smartphone lens.
The lens is rotating, and it can be adjusted horizontally and vertically while rotating the lens after it is attached to the smartphone.

If your smartphone has multiple lenses and you do not know the type of each lens, check with your fingers.
* Super wide-angle lenses are not applicable.

Simple design using high-grade aluminum alloy

The lens adopts a simple design that gives a sense of luxury.
Aluminum alloy is used for the exterior of the lens body, giving it a high-class and profound finish.
Surface treatment with anodized (anodizing) with excellent wear resistance.

Multi-layer coating is used on the lens surface

The surface of the lens is coated with multiple layers of nano-level coatings used in high-end lenses.
This coating achieves a high level of light transmission and suppresses light reflection on the lens surface.

Apply anti-reflection treatment inside the lens

By applying anti-reflection treatment inside the lens, it prevents excessive internal reflection of light rays and ensures stable image quality.
In addition, because it supports 4K high image quality, there is no degradation in image quality, and high-quality photos can be taken.

Carry safely with a stylish drawstring bag and lens cap

Comes with a drawstring bag that fits the lens and clip together. Thick and soft fabric is used to carry the lens safely.
The lens cap and screw cap protect the front and back screw parts of the lens from scratches.
With a lens-specific cleaning cloth, you can wipe off fingerprints and sebum dirt to keep the lens clean.

Magnificent natural memories of travel, photos that shine on social media! Get amazing excitement with a smartphone filmmaker lens!

■ November 2019 Crowdfunding started
■ January 2020 Crowdfunding ends
■ March 2020 Scheduled delivery in Japan

Q. Is the dedicated clip compatible with all smartphones?
A. Compatible with almost all mainstream models.

Q. Dedicated applicationPlease tell me the supported OS?
A. Compatible with iOS and Android respectively. However, it may not be available depending on the version you are using.

Q. Does the image appear distorted?
A. Image distortion is kept below 2%.

Q. Is the dedicated application localized in Japanese?
A. The dedicated application is localized in Japanese.

Q. Is there a Japanese manual?
A. A Japanese manual is included.

Q.Warranty and Returns / Exchanges
A. This product comes with a one-year warranty. If there is an initial failure or damage, we will exchange the product if you can contact us within 7 days after arrival. In principle, no other returned or exchanged items are exchanged.
* In the unlikely event that the size does not fit on some smartphones, a refund can be made.

Shenzhen Snoppa Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 with the pursuit of “pursuing new designs and new functions” as its corporate philosophy, and has continued to pursue innovative technologies in photography systems.
With multi-axis gimbal stabilizer as our main product, we develop and sell various video shooting tools for smartphones, digital mirrorless cameras, SLR cameras, etc.
In addition, the products that have been developed and sold so far have received numerous international awards and have a reputation for their development and design capabilities.

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