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Finally the Olympic Year! The Tokyo 2020 Olympics officially licensed product “ The Chocolate Box '' etc. appeared from Meiji


Meiji Co., Ltd. will offer a total of four products, including the officially licensed product of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games “ Tokyo 2020 Olympic Officially Licensed Product The Chocolate Box '', which will be held in July 2020, at the Tokyo 2020 official shop and some department stores. It will go on sale on January 14th. The package features the Matsumori pattern of the Tokyo 2020 emblem, and allows foreign visitors to Japan to experience Japanese culture.

The package for this product was designed by Asao Toro, who designed Kumiichi Matsumon, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic emblem. It is a simple but very beautiful design based on a traditional checkered pattern that has been popular since the Edo period.

The set chocolates are assorted dark milk chocolate using milk and dark chocolate that is not used, so you can enjoy the difference in flavor, though it is mainly chocolate made from the same Venezuelan cacao.

There are two types of packaging, box and sleeve-type assorted sets. Olympic and Paralympic specifications are available. A box designed for a souvenir or gift scene encloses "Origami" by Kumiichi Matsumon. Here, in anticipation of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, he said that he wanted to add "Japanese-like things that he was happy to get," and chose "origami," a representative Japanese culture. In addition, a folding crane instruction manual is also enclosed so that people who have "origami" for the first time can enjoy it.



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