Financing has become difficult … Porsche 984 now in storage

A prototype embodies a futuristic idea and technology. Some were too early or too innovative, but they were never wasted. However, no matter how creative the spirit is, and the highest level of engineering and artistry is provided, it does not mean that everything is commercialized. Introducing the Porsche 984 prototype this time.

In the 1980s, Porsche was looking for future vehicle concepts. Therefore, with the help of development cooperation with the Spanish automobile manufacturer Seat, from 1984 to 1987, the Porsche R & D Center in Weissach was compact and lightweight, and the aerodynamic two-seater roadster Porsche 984 I was working on the development.

The Porsche 984 is a low-priced small sports car with a price range of around 40,000 mark, based on a marketing strategy aimed at young people. The development team aims for excellent aerodynamics, maneuverability, and low fuel consumption instead of high output, and an air-cooled 2-liter 4-cylinder horizontally-opposed engine that produces a maximum output of 120 ps [88 kW] to 150 ps [110 kW]. The engine was mounted on the rear, and development was proceeding in the direction of emphasizing its uniqueness in terms of technology.

Although various ideas were examined such as trying an innovative retractable fixed roof for the cabriolet and applying 4WD to motor sports, due to the stock price crash that occurred in the United States in 1987, the cash flow became severe, Porsche 984 The project was put into storage.

Period: 1984 ~~ 1987
Engine: Horizontally opposed four cylinder
Displacement: 1984 cc
Maximum output: 135ps [99kW]Vehicle weight: 880kg
Maximum speed: 220km / h

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