Firefighting drone "E Hang 216F" capable of responding to fires in high-rise buildings-Fire extinguishing activities at an altitude of 600 m

EHang Holdings has launched the EHang 216F, a firefighting drone designed to extinguish fires in high-rise buildings.development ofdid.


Firefighting drone to extinguish fires in high-rise buildings [Source: EHang]

The EHang 216F is a manned multi-copter that can fly autonomously without a pilot.EHang 216Based on the above, we installed the equipment necessary for extinguishing a building fire. The camera identifies the fire spot and hovers it, fires a window breaker at the target location with a laser sight, breaks the window glass, and inserts a fire extinguisher into the room. Furthermore, the extinguishing agent is sprayed.

The maximum height of fire engines that can be used for water discharge is 50 m at most, while the EHang 216F is said to be capable of extinguishing fires by climbing to an altitude of 600 m. It can carry 150 liters of extinguishant and 6 fire ammunition in one flight. Extinguishing media can reach up to 10m away horizontally. It can be used to extinguish multiple EHang 216F at the same time.

▽Assuming operation within a radius of 5 km from a fire station that waits for EHang 216F. Because you can fly to the fire site by autonomous flight, you can arrive earlier than the firefighters heading for the fire truck and start extinguishing the initial fire. Especially in urban areas with many skyscrapers, it takes time to move fire trucks, so EHang 216F has a great advantage.


Supports fires within a 5km radius from the fire department [Source: EHang]

Introduction video of EHang 216F [Source: EHang/YouTube]

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