First place in a Japanese movie "Two craters" Overseas "Joker"

Kinema Junpo has selected and announced the top prizes and individual prizes of Japanese and foreign films released in 2019 on the 4th. The Japanese movie is Haruhiko Arai's "Two Cinders" and the foreign film is Todd Phillips' "Joker". The 2nd to 10th places will be announced on the special issue of Kinema Junpo on the 5th.

The award ceremony will be held on November 11 at Bunkyo Civic Hall in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. Other major awards are as follows [titles omitted]:

Director Award = Kazuya Shiraishi ["Hitoyo" etc.] ▽ Screenplay Award = Junji Sakamoto ["Half World"] ▽ Leading Actress Award = Kimi Takiuchi ["Two Cinders"] ▽ Leading Actor Award = Sosuke Ikematsu ["Miyamoto To you ”] ▽ Supporting actress award = Chizuru Ikewaki [" half-world "] ▽ Supporting actor award = Ryo Narita [such as" I love nana "] ▽ New actress award = Nagisa Sekimizu [" The world of Machida-kun "] ▽ Rookie Actor Award = Hiroshi Suzuka ["Honey Bee and Thunder" etc.] ▽ Special Award = Makoto Wada ▽ Cultural Film 1st Place = "i Newspaper Reporter Document"

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