First sale on “Amazon” now on sale in 2020! Lucky bags are on sale and up to 7.5% points reduction until January 6 | AppBank – Find Fun on Your Smartphone

"Amazon]2020 sale is being held for the first time.

Amazon's first sale 2020

Amazon's first big sale in 2020Amazon's first sale 2020Is being held.

"Amazon's first sale 2020" is held from 9:00 on January 3 to 23:59 on January 6.

During the period, we sell two types of lucky bags, one packed with popular products: a lucky bag where you can see the contents, and a lucky bag that leaves the contents. There are also point-up campaigns where you can receive a maximum of 5,000 points.

iPhone accessory maker Anker is also on sale

In "Amazon's first sale 2020", Anker, a famous iPhone accessory manufacturer, is also selling.

Mobile batteries, Lightning cables, and earphones are on sale, so if you're thinking of buying one, take this opportunity.

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