First summer squid, impressive caring attitude

I had the opportunity to cover the first summer squid [29], which was a break in 19 at a stretch.

Looking back to the beginning of the entertainment world, he described himself as an actor of a small theater. On January 1 this year, he announced that he had been married for 15 years, a new facet.

I interviewed a talk event before the preview of the movie "Midsummer". When Squid was asked for a broken heart experience after the contents of the movie, she immediately counted herself as “1, 2, 3…” and invited a laugh, and then asked, “Can I just talk about people who are only physical?” And overwhelmed MC. I was overwhelmed by the appearance of taking the right laugh at a rapid succession.

Three items to sell are "Kansai dialect, Yankee style, Takarazuka style hair". The ideal male condition is "high educational background, high income, low attitude". The words come out without hesitation, and they are easy to understand and interesting. I felt that my head was turning fast.

When the reporter asked "What do you think of Mr. Higashi's affair?" After the talk event, he turned his microphone to the reporter and asked, "What do you think in reverse? She just announced her marriage and was asked to comment on the affair, and she was a tactful and nice response.

It was after that that I felt the sashimi “likeness”. After the boxing was over, he followed the reporter with all his might. When asked if I didn't want to be heard, I was afraid to be disgusted, but I was careful. When walking down the corridor, the people around me were greeted with greetings, and I was impressed with her attitude to remember her compassion even when she was not on the TV.

Choose words that you want, such as a headline during the talk. Instead of just talking hard, they speak in their own words, not templates. I wanted to cover again.

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