First Summer Wooker “The most scary human smile”

Talent's First Summer Wooka [29] attended the movie "MIDSOMMAR" preview in Tokyo on the 4th. Squid greets, "I'm a mid-summer squid." After seeing the title of the movie, he said, "I wanted to come to work."

"I was really inspired. The smile of a living person was the scariest. I want to talk all night."

A story where the heroine is attacked by fear. "I was on a certain program and it was like a fight for a fight, but it was being edited and cut off the" Tetley ". It would mean nothing if I cut it off." Laughed about "experience".

He acted as a dubbing voice actor for the movie "Jumanji / Next Level".

He has multiple careers with actress, idol, singer, and talent. "I would like to be able to play such a role as carving out emotions deeply and deeply. I would like to do a role where people who are said to be the second and famous side roles are played," he said.

He revealed that he was married in January, and raised a topic. He said, "My ideal is high income, high education, and low profile." Her recent activity tells her husband, "I don't know what will happen in my life."

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