First video judgment in table tennis at the G finals opening on the 12th

The International Table Tennis Federation announced on the 10th that it will conduct video judgment for the first time at the Grand Finals opening on the 12th to compete with the top players of the world tour. If there is no problem in the tournament where men's Tomokazu Karimoto [Kinoshita Group] and women's Misato Ito [Starts] participate, the Tokyo Olympics [Olympic Games] will begin full-scale introduction from next year.

Players who are dissatisfied with the referee's judgment, such as edge balls hitting the edge of the table, serve let [redo], etc., call “review” and request confirmation by video. There are two rights per game, and if protests are made, it will not decrease.

At the world championship in April, the Ito and Hina Haya [Nippon Life] team could not find a score in a delicate judgment at an important scene of the women's doubles final, and the Japan Association demanded that the International Federation introduce video judgment. .

Similar systems are being introduced in various competitions such as the “challenge system” for tennis and the “video assistant referee [VAR]” for soccer. [Joint]

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