Fish’s tail fin regeneration mechanism of amphibians can differ from those found Univ research

Fish tail fillet, such as fillet, cut from the original shape to restore the play while it is well known that, for mechanisms with the Unknown was. Tohoku University is 21 days,using zebrafish tail fin length measured in detail the experimental results,zebrafish is cut the tail fin the length of the recognition that had announced.

【Here】The Frog for the first time,functional joint play will prove to be a success or not., Kyoto Univ., crest 璃 water Mr from

Fish tail fillet cutting, the wound is”play Bud”cells called special cells formed a new tail fin shape. Most of the amphibians of the regeneration Bud cells is the position memory is known to have. That is, amphibians if you cut the position cells remember that. However, fish as well as the mechanism of limb regeneration going controversy has been made.

This research group,zebrafish tail fin to support”鰭条 called”skeleton in the analysis. 鰭条 and play time and growth rate, and measuring the 鰭条 respectively by different turns out that. Furthermore, the same 鰭条 in a deeper position was cut way back a long period, but also showed that.

These results are statistically processed and a final decision element is”disconnected 鰭条 length”is suggested. That is, zebrafish is aware of the cut tail tip length of the can.

These mechanisms, amphibians, fish and play differently as indicated. That is, amphibians are separated to memorize the position of The against the fish is cut length aware of that difference.

The findings on how the organisms lost structure to recognize and to play with problems,a new mechanism proposed to. Amphibians and fish, as well as human organ regeneration and to understand the mechanism that is mandatory for this achievement in the future,the human organs of reproduction leads to the possibility also.

In this research, the 20 date of the Scientific Reports online edition of the Journal have been published.

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