Five-person the Raid. 2 new songs 8・25 simultaneous release

5 piece visual band, the Raid. [Reid] announced on the 16th that it will release two songs, the new song "Kimipri" and "God a little more" at the same time on August 25.

"Kimipri" is the ending theme song for the June issue of Nippon TV's "Buzz Rhythm 02", and "Kami-sama a little more" is also the ending theme song for July of the same series "Uchi no Gaya!

The group started in earnest in 2011, celebrating its 9th anniversary in July, and finally entering the 10th year of the milestone.

Many of the singles released so far have won Oricon's indie ranking first place. The ninth "One Night Boyfriend" released in March was No. 1 in the daily ranking including all majors and indies, and No. 5 on the weekly charts, and is one of "the most vigorous visual band right now". Is attracting attention as.

Despite being greatly affected by the new coronavirus, the Nakano Sun Plaza performance, which became the first live of the hall, switched to an unattended audience on March 29 and was released on the YouTube channel to record 50,000 views.

Vocal Hoshichika said, ""Kimipri" is an uptempo, bright and pop song, and it is a cheer song for a woman in love. "Kami-sama a little more" is a slow-tempo ballad, and I know it can't be beaten "I want you to listen to all women's lyrics, both of which are lyrics from a female perspective."

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