Flagship "Rumba s9 +" review with origami performance and price that realized "perfect cleaning" with a design that overturns the image of Rumba


Flagship "Rumba s9 +" review with origami performance and price that realized "perfect cleaning" with a design that overturns the image of Rumba

A leading manufacturer of robot cleaners, celebrating its 30th anniversary this yeariRobotFrom, the latest flagship model “Roomba s9 +]Has appeared. The rumba s9 +, which has completely redesigned the rumba's iconic round structure to achieve “perfect cleaning” and has adopted a completely new design, is a masterpiece of iRobot, which took more than five years to develop. I actually tried using the latest model.

s9 + | Robot Vacuum Cleaner Roomba | iRobot Official Website

The following movie shows how Rumba s9 + cleans the corners of the room.

I tried cleaning the corner of the room with rumba s9 +-YouTube

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The rumba s9 + package has a chic design based on black.

Contents include Roomba s9 + body, replacement corner brush, replacement dust cut filter, power cord for clean base, replacement paper pack, and clean base.Roomba i7 +Does not include the virtual wall that came with.

Roomba s9 + looks like this. It adopts a D-shaped structure called "Ultra Edge Design" instead of the familiar round shape, and it is a design that sets it apart from rumba.

Let's compare the appearance and size with Roomba i7 +. The maximum width is 35.1cm, unchanged from the Rumba i7 +, but the Rumba i7 + has no carrying handle.

The height of both models is 9.2cm, and there is no difference here.

Roomba s9 + has a HOME button, CLEAN / power button, and SPOT button on the top right of the top, and the operation to be performed on the main unit is completed with these three buttons.

There are two sensors on the top: an iAdapt localization camera for recognizing the current location and the cleaned area, and an infrared receiver.

On the front of the main unit, a wall sensor and an obstacle sensor are integrated.

There is an exhaust hole at the back of the main unit.

Open the top cover …

Can access the dust container.

Because it has a handle, it can be easily taken out.

It comes with a replaceable dust cut filter that cuts allergens such as mold and pollen.

The back of the body looks like this.

The size of the suction port has been increased by 30% compared to the rumba i7 +, and the suction power has increased four times compared to the rumba i7 +. Like the Rumba i7 +, it uses a rubber dual-action brush that prevents hair from getting entangled.

By increasing the number of corner brushes from three to five for the Rumba i7 +, it is now possible to thoroughly clean the corners of the room.

The sensors on the back are six step sensors arranged around …

Floor tracking sensor to measure the position and mileage of rumba.

If you compare the rumba i7 + with the back side, you can see that the irregularities on the back side are reduced and the trash is less likely to get entangled.

This is a "clean base" that appeared on the rumba i7 + and automatically sucks up the dust inside the dust container when the main unit is charged. The basic structure is the same as that provided with the Roomba i7 +, but the position of the contact point with the Roomba body has been changed, and the decoration line has the same color as the lid on the top of the body.

When I opened the lid of the clean base, the paper pack was attached.

You can remove the paper pack by pulling the gray part. The paper pack can hold 30 dust containers of garbage, so if you use the dust container once a week, you do not need to replace the paper pack for more than 6 months. You.

The paper pack is structured so that the holes for taking in the dust when it is pulled out are closed, so it can be processed without seeing any dust, and it prevents dust from diffusing into the air.

To use Roomba s9 +, first install a clean base. Plug the included power cord into the clean base plug …

Wrap the extra cord around the back of the clean base and store it.

When the plug was inserted into the outlet, the LED on the front lit white.

The LED lights red when the paper pack is full.

The clean base has a space of 0.3m above, 0.5m on both sides, 1.2m from the steps such as stairs, 1.2m ahead, and must be installed in a place with good Wi-Fi reception.

When the rumba s9 + is installed on the clean base and charging starts, the ring-shaped lamp on the rumba body flashes. It is recommended to charge for about 3 hours at the time of first use, and it can operate continuously for about 120 minutes from full charge.

Immediately press the CLEAN / power button to start cleaning the room.

Roomba s9 + has left the clean base and has begun cleaning.

The following movie shows how Roomba s9 + is actually cleaning the room.

I tried cleaning the corner of the room with rumba s9 +-YouTube

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When you press the SPOT button on the main unit, it switches to the SPOT mode, which focuses on cleaning the area of ​​about 1m in diameter. The movie that actually uses the SPOT mode is as follows.

I tried SPOT mode of rumba s9 +-YouTube

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After cleaning the room, the light on the top starts to glow blue. After that, you return to the clean base by yourself, and after returning, the clean base absorbs the trash in the rumba dust container.

The appearance of rumba s9 + returning to clean base looks like this-YouTube

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Of course, you can also open the lid on the top and throw away the trash directly from the dust container. As with Roomba i7 +, the dust container can be washed with water by removing the filter.

Operation with the button on the top is also possible, but with the rumba s9 +iRobot HOMEYou can also set detailed options with. How to set up iRobot HOME is reviewed in detail below.

“ Rumba 980 '' review that cleaning robot “ Rumba '' can be cleaned by grasping the shape of the room and the position of the furniture with a smartphone operation & camera installed-GIGAZINE

iRobot HOME is available for iOS and Android. This time I will use the iOS version.

"IRobot HOME" on the App Store

iRobot Home-Apps on Google Play

The home screen after setup looks like this. You can start cleaning by tapping "CLEAN" in the center.

The control on the application is basically the same as Roomba i7 +, and the setting items of "Schedule", "History" and "Smart Map" are reviewed in detail below.

Rumba's latest flagship model “ Rumba i7 + '' review, equipped with a fully automatic garbage collector “ Clean base '' that can be disposed of without seeing garbage-GIGAZINE

In particular, Roomba s9 + does not come with a virtual wall, so if you do not have a virtual wall, you will have to set the entire range of Roomba's operation by area division using the "smart map".

What has evolved from the rumba i7 + in terms of control is that it automatically switches to a powerful suction mode called "power boost" when it detects a place where suction power is required, such as on a carpet. "Power Boost" can also be switched manually on the app. Tap "Settings" on the home screen …

Tap "Cleaning mode setting".

If you set the suction operation to "Custom", a gauge that can adjust the suction force appears. The leftmost of the gauge corresponds to "quiet clean", the center corresponds to "thorough cleaning", the leftmost corresponds to "power boost", and if the gauge is set to the far right, "power boost" is always used It is possible. A powerful suction force can be obtained, but the continuous operation time is reduced from 120 minutes to 30 minutes, and the operating noise is extremely loud.

Below are the movies I cleaned in each mode.the firstIs "quiet clean",13 secondsFrom "thorough cleaning",27 secondsFrom is "power boost".

I compared the operation mode of Rumba s9 +-YouTube

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Also, the cleaning robotBrava Jet m6If you link with the app, after rumba s9 + cleaning is completed, you can automatically start wiping cleaning with Braava Jet m6.

If you link the BravaJet m6 to the app, just like the Roomba s9 +, when you press the "CLEAN" button, a "Wipe Later" button will appear.

Tap to move to the screen to specify the room to clean. If you select a room and press the “Clean Now” button, you can clean up Roomba s9 + and Braava Jet m6 together.

The movies actually linked are as follows. This feature is also available for Roomba i7 +.

When linking rumba s9 + and blur budget m6 like this-YouTube

(embed) (/ embed)

It is easy to notice that the appearance has changed drastically, but if you actually use it, such as shape change, number of brushes, enlarged suction port, it is a legitimate evolution of the previous generation flagship Rumba i7 + You can see that it is a model that was made. The weaknesses of "there is no handle" and "there is no virtual wall" are the weak points, but it was a product that felt the enthusiasm of iRobot aiming for "perfect cleaning".

The rumba s9 + is also sold at, and the price is 186,780 yen. Roomba s9 + Eye Robot Robot Vacuum Cleaner Black S955860 | Eye Robot (IRobot) |

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