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A large Buddha statue that stands 5 meters tall has been erected in Ikebukuro, central Tokyo. Built to provide serenity to busy Tokyoites, it’s expected to become …


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  1. its strange how they claim theyre enlightened yet they feel they need to prove themselves as being godlike through man made beliefs. Time was created by humans and proving things by how long you can do something for just shows how easily people can be fooled. What i mean is if the moon never moved in front of the sun it would be daytime forever. But the moon moves in front of the sun and humans made time and days and night based on that. they then seemed to forget that technically speaking it could(and is always one eternal long day everyone lives in). This guy believers think that if you dont need to eat or can meditate for long periods makes you godlike. Another way to think how silly this all is if you had a island of people in which no one could swim and a person comes on a boat and can swim theyd be saying its a miracle and thats god in the flesh. There is no such thing as time( just because humans worshipped the sun beliefs and made time that people follow doesnt mean it has to blind you from the truth) there are no cycles and you dont have to escape from anything or be reborn. Also thinking another is above another is wrong. Even if a thing could fly breathe under water breathe fireballs does not make it god. A elephant is no greater than a ant. A human that has a billion people worshipping it and a person who is alone and never came into contact with another person are equal. people need to wake up from there brainwashing.

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