“Flying cars”to the implementation of JAL and Sumitomo Corporation,a US company is business Alliance


“Flying cars”, called the electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft by moving services towards realization of a Japan airlines [JAL,Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo] and Sumitomo Corporation [Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo],us Bell・Textron of 3 companies of 12, the tie-up inked and announced. In the future, Japan and Asia business development for the research to proceed.

【Here】“Flying cars”to the realization of a manned flight test to begin the first domestic SkyDrive

Flying cars,drones and electric vehicle technology, next-generation mobility. The electric motor in a plurality of rotor blades turn,a vertical takeoff and landing can be. The runway is unnecessary noise less, congestion is severe in urban areas and other sparsely populated areas and isolated Islands, such as the mode of transport as that.

The label was founded in 1935 for the helicopter manufacturer. More than 80 years ago from a vertical rising aircraft production, including advanced technology development, from old to work you. A flying car such as the air mobility of the field as quickly as we entered.

This time in partnership with the 3 companies, with Japan in Asia, the air mobility using a moving service in order to commercialize the necessary infrastructure, study and do Market Research. Also, the safety measures and noise measures and other issues also to tackle.

This in JAL, the airline of her experience as a safety and security operation management operation platform of the build. Also, the company’s worldwide customers, such as network, utilizing new technology, such as that contribute.

Flying cars, a Japanese startup company Sky Drive [Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo]is a prototype to the completion of such development,this year’s summer of demonstration flights aimed at.

In the future, flying cars for the countries and companies of the competition, the aircraft and technology to develop a stage from the safe and reliable operation of the establishment or service commercialization and a new stage to plunge into it.

JAL this Alliance about”the next generation of air mobility services and providing emergency and medical care in the field of regional issues to solve, the Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs]towards the achievement of initiatives to contribute”as.

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